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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A few developments...

Went to see POTC2 with Elsha the other day.

It was a bit pants.
Well - it was good! But... it got a bit boring. I resorted to just looking at Orlando Bloom's face instead. And - i don't know how Johnny Depp is attractive as Jack Sparrow - but somehow ... he just is. And i'm not even a Depp devotee.

However - the MONSTERS were scarier this time. Had me behind the popcorn - a bit like that time me and Elsh went to see Shrek and got scared at the bit where you find out she's an ogre. True Story.

ALSO - here's a tip - mixing sweet AND butter popcorn is lush - but i DO NOT recommend trying to pour half into the other packet etc.
We tried that. Do we fail to NOTE? - It's dark - one of your eyes is on the film - NOT the best place to be pouring popcorn to and from each bag.

Anyway, the point of this blog.(yes, there's a point)
I'd like to take this time to announce that yes, my driving test is in a few weeks.
More importantly. (or less importantly, depending on how you see it)

V Reg Daewoo Matiz - with three S's

Lol - that was yesterday - i'm impressed with how long it's taken before i shout it out all over the internet.
It's like an EEEEEEEEEEEEENY people carrier - isn't it cute?!

It's coming on the weekend so GET OFF THE ROADS!!
(ha, to all those hoping to leave something "witty" like that in a comment - i beat you to it.)

Also - i've done something gay to my finger so it's taking aaages to spellcheck this blog. But, on MSN the other night, my spelling + coordination was so bad that Matt asked me if i was DYSLEXIC.

To which i replied:


Smooth Zoe, real smooth.

PS Bar crawl around the Theatre District tomoro evening - then onto REVS <3

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/02/2006 08:47:00 pm
How could anyone in their right mind let you actually own a car?
Annnd, there it is.

Lol, knew i could depend on you for a supportive comment Spangus ;)

"eeeny people carrier" lmao. Welcome to our world xxx
Hey hey don't forget Revs nxt thurs too ye? E
get back to regular blogging its been a week man sort it out!!
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