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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Okay - results day is coming, the unis have made their decisions, the results are probably at school right now... but we've all been asking the same questions.

No - not -where do we go from here? What happens if i dont get the grades?

Not even - what's the post-results plan?

Thinking too far ahead mates.


Various answers - the most popular being - 9 , half 9 and I DONT KNOW.

Now- i've dont my research.

I did a poll.

Results were USELESS



FLIK says : I thought we were meant to pick results up at 9, but Claire says there's a voicemail message on the school phone saying we're to pick them up at 9.30

Okay - a i said, she said thing - not entirely failsafe but we're thinking 9.30 then

THE WORD OF GOD (from a sourcE)

Emma says: did the cool thing and got my dad to check with his staff chums ¬_¬ he's been told 9.30 by the school

Her dad is a teacher. HE MUST BE RIGHT. (that's an arguement from authority - who says i learn nothing in GENERAL STUDIES?!)

So there we go.


Well - we can all turn up then en masse and stampede the school OR we can turn up earlier and cling to the school gates screaming LET ME INNNNN LET ME INNNN!

Win win situation...

GOOD LUCK for Thurs!

Find me - I made DVDs!

And thennnn - MK later that night? I THINK SO!


# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/15/2006 09:11:00 pm
Am wetting myself xxxx
i may or may not have sabotaged your poll. i voted twice for 9 just for the hell of it. well i voted once from me, then convinced an unnamed other to vote the same.
I knew it was 9:30am all along.

You should have used ME as your argument from authority. Good luck :) xxx
Can't believe it's tomorrow good luck everyone!!!
it's definitely half nine, i asked mrs dawson when i went to drop off textbooks.
Zoeeeee I didn't see you so couldn't get one of these DVD things - what's on them?

FUCKING YES last night was so good. Well done everyone!
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