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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Update Shmupdate

So yeah - Friday, went to this "Welcome Lunch" in Birmingham to meet the rest of the intake for this year.

And not just Scholar intake - Graduate intake too.

When i'd got there and found my 3 other scholar friends, we stood there in the corner, wondering how on earth we were going to approach the 30 or so other graduates that stood clutching their degree certificates and talking amongst themselves at the other side of the room.

But we got told to mingle and - y'know, can't say no to an order from a Partner lol

And everyone bonds over free food right?

Anyways - if i had a pound for everytime i got asked "So, which university did you graduate from?" - i'd be "welll rich"

Those of you who spoke to me that evening will already have had the lowdown on the "Graduate Hotties" so i'll spare you all for the time being! All i can say is older, hotter, smarter. Full driving license.

Get in!

Though it really was interesting to see their faces when they found out I was actually, not 21, but 18 - and just got her A Level Results.

Next week - the hotel inductions.
I'm quite intrigued as one of the hotels boasts an "Ice Cave" - any ideas to what that is?

Though - the scholars were discussing how to get thrown off the team, and i presume getting your tongue stuck to a huge ice wall on your first day is probably one of them...

So yeah - no blog for a bit.
You're all off buying things for uni - like you care? EEEE! :)

However - if you DO have some time. I came across the D of E Diary again - and if you've got time.... Lol ohhh the memories..

My personal favourite is D of E Diary:Reloaded...

"So in the end, the only option was to sleep. So sleep we did. Eventually. After the whole saga of everyone in group 5 shouting goodnight to each other , The Waltons style.
“Goodnight Chisel!”
“Night Hollis!”
“Sweet dreams Bethjob!”
“Night Haz!”
“Whoevers ssh-ing is making just as much noise!”
Mr Torpey- “OK everyone quiet now!”

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 8/27/2006 08:43:00 pm
ooh i know! the ice cave is literally all ice and the ice bar i know of only serves absolut vodka butim not sure if yours is the same one. dress warmly though, its about minus 5 apparently. this might be completely wrong but thats what ive heard about the ice bar. xxxxx
Lol i have no idea who this is, but i'm slightly flattered that you're commenting here unlike the people i DO KNOW *angry glare*

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