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Sunday, October 08, 2006

My First Client

So yes.. Besty got Cadbury's for a first client.
Free chocolate and being able to pretend you're working for Willy Wonka.

What do i get? A company that makes metal tubes and piping.... Joy.

Anyway, i got sent out last minute so I was only going to be there four days. WHen i arrived, I was given the job of interviewing the client.

So there I am in the FD's office, introduced myself, the chance for a bit of small talk perhaps.. "Oooh, and what nationality are YOU then dear?"

I inwardly sighed. THis was going to be a lonnnng four days.

But hey, first Friday of the month, Deloitte employees get free drinks at Pitcher+Piano so whey something to reward me for my patience.
SO there I was in the office at about 4pm, then i realised before i could go i had to finish this "Ethics Awareness Programme" to comply with policy etc

Wouldn't take too long - just some online reading and online tests. STuff like "If Mary is stealing from the trust fund, is it wrong, what would you do?"

So there I am thinking, I'll do the test and THEN go for drinks...... Minutes pass and .. well.. I'm not getting any of these questions right.. I'm not being ALLOWED to progress to the next stage.. APPARENTLY I'M NOT AN ETHICAL PERSON!

But then all the graduates came back from college and decided that they had time to help me. Yay, i like it when Scholar charm works out in my favour :)

But... even with four of us around the computer, we couldn't get it right. I HAD HARD QUESTIONS! And they can back it up! Honestly! I'm not really unethical!!........

The Ending?
We got it eventually.

Gotta love multiple choice :)

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 10/08/2006 06:19:00 pm
Zoe, if that is all you got up to, perhaps you shouldn't blog more

*grins and blows kiss* xx
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