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Monday, December 11, 2006

* *A month later.. * *

I interrupt this bloggin hiatus to announce.


Yes, my first blog in god knows how long and i am complaining.

You know why?
Was working late tonight (not of my own free will may i add)

It was bordering 6:30 and I'm sitting there and then ...


The fire alarm.

And so, we had to run outside as apparently it "was not a drill"

And it was cold. COLD.

And we waited there for 15 minutes. And there wasn't even a proper fire.


Anyways, updates asides - will see you all on Monday for Cert evening. Yes - Facebook is where it's at, and i've posted an event on there.

Zoe has logged onto Facebook about 50 times today. I work honest.

Oh, and how could i forget?

To be TOTALLY lazy. Here's my bulletin.

Yes, a lot of things have happened.
Yes, my wild nonsensical text means that yes, I passed my test (finally)

Yes, Uni Tour 06 is finally over and yes it was awesome!

Many thanks to all those who put me up and held me up over those days. Winner? Its close but i thiiink it's going to SHEFFIELD.
Next tours include :
Falmouth, Exeter, Bournemouth
UEA, Cambridge, Oxford

Yes, Wednesday was fun.

No, I'm not disclosing much more than that
Yes, apparently I have "pixie ears" :)

Also, my parents have decided to treat themselves with a new television about the size of my arm span.I swear they were waiting til I left home for this!

Moving on, yes I am THERE for the 21st. It's Oceana MK - of course I'm there!

Yes I WOULD offer Hotel Zoe up for accomodation except I'm leaving town on the 7:10 train the next morning.

Yes, that does suck.


# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 12/11/2006 10:26:00 pm
Sheffield sucks. How can you think it was anywhere near being close to Leeds?

And you won't be seeing me at your crazy certificate evening. I already got mine without having to sit through some stupid ceremony.

Cambridge on next uni tour eh? I will look forward to that. Certificate Evening is going to be ace yeah. xxx
wow, i havnt left a comment in ages.lol.iv missed this.
Wow i haven't blogged in ages - i've missed it too! lol - MYNSIL = The good ole Vale days
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