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Monday, November 21, 2005

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming...

We got our first Xmas card today...

It’s official.
Christmas is here.

Also, it's official - someone's a bit too quick off the mark. It's not even the end of bloody November yet.

Part of me is thinking YAY CHRISTMAS! YIPPEE!
Part of me is slightly shocked that Christmas is little more than four weeks away...

The shops are playing Christmas songs. The display in thecentre:mk has arrived, every year more and more commercial – it’s not about the rides, the fake snow and the primitive animatronics any more – it’s about how much money you can make out of it. I don’t know if I’ve just suddenly realised that only because I’ve grown up significantly since the last time I rode a train in Middleton Hall. Honest.. Meh.

Christmas brings along some of my favourite things. Okay bar the obvious. Yes my pretties, I’m talking about THAT Coca-Cola advert. *tear* And of course, it brings some of my least favourite things. Yes. The turkeys. Hmm, I wonder why “turkeys” isn’t spelt “turkies”? Unless it is and I’m being really retarded. It’s not is it?!
Turkeys… ngleh

Man, I’m slightly looking forward to start my christmas cards this year – only very slightly. Obviously not as much as the person above but it's just I’ve got so many designs in my head and I’m interested in seeing how my creations turn out this year. Again apologies to those of you who got the Tippex ones last year. I didn’t know that the slightest brush against the card would result in an unsightly stain due to the Tippex not drying on the fabric. (haha) and also, those of you who get the prototypes tested on you – look out!

Anyway to end with, I have the reasons WHY we are going to fail Economics this year.
Lol, I love my class, I really do. But….. we’re going to fail! Lolol how I love my oh so positive outlook.

Context: We’d just done some practice exam question. Badly. Very badly.
Mr S: “No one drew the diagram for a Monopoly!”
Class: “There’s a diagram for it?!”
Mr S: “Girls you didn’t include any diagrams. Points for diagrams. ANY diagrams! *draws haphazard line on the board* Like this! ANYTHING!”
Zoe: “That’s a made up diagram though!”
Mr S: “..”
Zoe: “Oh.... no.. it’s not?”
Mr S: “Okay, let’s go through all the other diagrams
Zoe: “…Yeah let’s see what ELSE we don’t know”

Mr S: “You all MUST bring a ruler to the exam. You can’t just use your pashminas all the time!”
“Why would you use a pashmina?”
“You’d get it dirty”
“And it wouldn’t really be a very straight line....”
"...Who's even wearing a pashmina?!"

But of course Mr S has his moments too.
"Right, what about Tom Hughes.. no Ted Hughes.. Tom Hanks?.. Ted Banks? TOM CRUISE! THE FOOTBALLER! See I HAVE street cred!"

PS Ambray has just kindly informed me. I have to participate in this Sportsathon thing tomoro at school. I have LEARNED from the mistake of Tuesday 22nd March no doubt.
"Episode Two: The Return Of Queen Chav."


# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 11/21/2005 08:42:00 pm
oh zoe you just brighten up my day
We seriously are going to fail Economics. Exams in January and I know nothing apart from vicars have a vocation/are virgins and something about Prada handbags... Think we should buy Mr S one at the end of yr 13, lol.
Flik xxxx
Ha, that's great if only you would TELL US WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!
haaa you crazeh economics kids. A xmas card already? yeh just a BIT early right and i love the cocacola advert it is everything xmas stands for- snow, santa, lights and drinking!
Mr.S is such a dude. Anal Font. Haha GSC memories.

Zoe...your next blog should be entitled: 'Who is Enya?'
Piece together quotations and clues and we can all guess. Much fun.
HA! The Sportsathon was cancelled due to lack of people participating. There were only five participants:
Me, Amber, Rosie, Laurie and Sinead.

Where do I give my money to then?

Emma Al xxxx
we can add Maths to that list of failures right?
C'mon zoe, blog up on the party. i think you have some explaining to do! x
Okay... so Enya was at the party.... (EMMA AL note this!! lol)

I have no explaining to do. YOU HAVE EXPLAINING TO DO. But yes, I think the situation was fairly obvious lol. And, I had nice shoes. Killer heels, Ryan's foot would add. But nice all the same.

i expect to c a christmas card from u this year. My eyes are waitin 2 be blinded by the florescent card and big writing
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