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Monday, May 29, 2006

Stop press. News just in..

I am a monster

Have recently been given elastics for my braces by the orthodontist (oh how I love thee)

It's like having my jaw wired shut - -except I can open it a bit, you know, just to tease me.

My solace?
Quote Robee “No worries, you can ping them at people!”
Stoph“Or use them as hairbands like you did with mine!”

Though surely, the fun never stops now that my mouth has become a four stringed instrument?

It’s “only” for 7 weeks. I shall be a bad patient and not wear them when going out. Uh oh, jeapordising my treatment here!!


Moving on.

To be honest, the end of term was a while ago. I cannae be bothered to write out how the Ball went - I think you all saw for yourself. Pictures up in The Orange Locker.

Videos of "The Great Run" and "Our Own Project Mayhem : The Last Stand" are trying to be put up on Myspace, but it's being a wanker. I MAY even have to send the infamous Tom a message seeking help! :O

God, that dude must be raking it in right now. Shame no one actually knows his last name...

I may look it up.

Yes, i'm actually avoiding revision THAT much.

I dont know what, i just can't really get into it. I'll sit there reading my notes, but it's in one ear, out the other.

It doesn't help that the house is empty now that mon pere has fled the nest. I have complete run of the house and fridge from 8 til late. I sound like a party invite...

I love procrastinating. Today, I cut my mothers hair for her. We have a proper hairdressing cape thing as well! It was fun. We didn't have a proper spray gun, so we improvised and used the kind of spray gun you use for misting flowers....

This is a family of RESOURCEFULLNESS.
We'd be well useful on a desert island..

Oooh, speaking of mi madre. Prizes* for guessing which nature "celebrity" she meant when she referred to him as:

"Goodel or something? ...Boggle?"

I almost cried when i found out who she meant.

Goodel/Boggle is in fact ...........

Bill Oddie.



*There is no prize, i'm a big fat liar wh o trickst people for fun. Terms and conditions apply.

# posted by Zoe Dubs @ 5/29/2006 03:45:00 pm
dunno someone random like Elijah Wood it sounds like hobbit in a way.
Elastics weren't that bad actually...painful at first but you get used to them. They're nothing compared to the 'twin block' I had to wear and the subsequent retainer...ouch. And you eat quite a lot, and it's preferable to take them out when you're eating...so technically you won't have to wear them much. :D
Good luck with the revision
I don't have a clue who your madre was talking about...
"Nobody knows his last name"- Think this calls for a Ward Report

Myspace's Tom; the 411 (check me and my gangsta language)

Tom's last name is Anderson. His middle name is Everett. He was born on the 13th of October '75. Went to uni of California at Berkely, to study English. Got a B.A in English and a Masters in Film. Only partially owns myspace, and does very little of site programming himself. Recently sold a large amount of myspaces shares to Rupert Murdoch's Fox Network. Probably7 has personality problems (why else would you set up a site like myspace, and automatically add yourself to everyones list of freinds).

My job here is done
Haha cheers Ward.

And you'll never guess the celeb. Okay, you might if i give you a really obvious clue but I shan't do that jsut yet.

His name begins with B

Bob someone maybe a surname beginning with G? This is going to get at me til i find out Lxxx
Bill Oddie? Who knows, maybe she was thinking of The Goodies, hence Goodel. Meh. I do not know. I'm procrastinating tooo. It's fun.

Long time no see x x x
Darn it, looks like i'll have to put up the answer now

lol zoe, i know the feeling!! anything and everything toavoid the revision. unfortunatley my maths exam is on tuesday, so im actually forcing myself to do some work, but i do half an hours work n then decide i dnt wanna do n e more n then i wander round my house for about an hour till i force myself to do some more. i cant remember my blogspot password!! so i cnt blog :( most distressing!!
love you always, good luck with ur exams n ur elastics MWAH!!
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